We are often shown images in the media portraying pregnancy and having a baby as glamourous and serene, with smiling settled babies and carefree new parents wearing white clothes on model like bodies, in reality it is often a time of enormous stress. Changes occur to many facets of life – your intimate relationship, body, hormone levels, social life, sleep (or lack thereof), work, and sense of self.  

We arrive at parenthood with varying levels of hands on involvement with babies which can either help or hinder our confidence with our own baby. We also have a wide variety of experiences from our own parents during childhood and have things that we would like to either avoid or pass on to our baby. 

We can easily become overwhelmed with all the information and opinions about ‘the best’ way to give birth to and care for our babies. For example, controlled crying versus co-sleeping and strict routines versus no routine at all. It is common to experience pressure from yourself, others and / or parenting books to be the best parent for your baby, even striving to be ‘the perfect parent’. These unrealistic expectations of what we ‘should’ be doing, thinking and feeling can cause us great distress.   

For many, these changes, pressures and prior experiences lead to feelings of distress, anxiety and depression. Seeking support through this vulnerable and critical period of life is important for you and your family.     

I am here to support you if you’re struggling with:

• Challenges falling pregnant 

• Pregnancy related issues 

• Grief & loss 

• Birth preparation 

• A difficult birth 

• Health complications of your baby 

• Adjusting to parenthood 

• Constantly feeling guilty or judged 

• Difficulties in your adult relationship after having your baby 

• Postnatal depression and / or anxiety 

• Not feeling close to your baby 

• Looking after your baby, toddler and / or child


Firstly, I will collect a brief history about you, and how you are going with your pregnancy and/or baby. We can then discuss goals, and work together to gradually improve your mood and or decrease your anxiety, gain confidence and strengthen your relationship with your baby and family.


Our work will often involve both you and your baby/child. However, there will be times when it will not be appropriate for your baby/child to be at the session (especially if your child or an older sibling can understand our conversations). It is also sometimes helpful to include your partner or the baby/child’s other caregiver(s) depending on your relationship and the goals of our work together.

How long

The sessions are 50 minutes. If you are coming to my office, please arrive 10 minutes early for your first appointment if possible, in order to fill in a couple of brief forms. I try to run sessions to time wherever possible.


I understand it is important to be flexible so I offer you the option of coming to see me in my Parkside office or I will come to see you in your home if possible. Home visits are especially useful for heavily pregnant women or new parents with babies as getting out and about can be a challenge! 

Please contact me to see whether I am able travel to your suburb.  


Confidentiality is very important and what you tell me stays private. If you have been referred by your GP then I will assume consent to communicate with your GP about your wellbeing. If I need to speak to anyone else to enhance treatment I will seek your permission first. The only exceptions to this are 1) If you or your family is at risk of harm, 2) When disclosure is required by law or subpoenaed by a court.


What I don't do

I do not write reports for any of the following: 

• Family Court 

• Workers Compensation 

• Accident & Motor Injury

Not a crisis service

If you are in need of urgent psychological or medical assistance please call:  

Ambulance or Police: 000 (24 hours, 7 days a week)  

Mental Health Emergency: 13 14 65 (24 hours, 7 days a week) or  

Go to your nearest Hospital Emergency Department